Style Ideas to Stand out from the Crowd

Moving into your first house doesn’t mean you have to learn to love beige. Whatever your style or your budget, embrace your creativity and express yourself with these easy ways to do domestic differently. 

Add a pop of colour 

Don’t be afraid to make a bold colour choice. If you really love yellow, go for a gorgeous yellow sofa! They do look particularly good in velvet.  

For a cheaper way to spruce up your space, add a feature wall in your favourite colour, or go dark to add some drama. Paint or wallpaper can turn a wall into a statement, certain to set your home apart from the shell white crowd. 

 Frame your posters! 

Artwork doesn’t need to cost the earth! When it comes to interior design- it’s all in the framing. Posters, prints and memorabilia make for unique home decorations- plus they say something about you. Frame a poster of your favourite film or a piece of your child’s best art, even if they might resent you for it in a few years 

Find a frame to fit the piece perfectly, then you could make it a central piece on a wall or hang lots of small things in mismatched frames for a cute, boho look.  

Change your fixtures 

Get rid of that ugly old plastic light switch and swap it out for something more interesting. Metal fixtures can act like jewellery in a room, especially if the colour is chosen to match your walls. Emerald green paint with a brass dimmer switch? Gorgeous. 

Door handles, too, are a great opportunity to do things a bit differently. For example, a simple black handle in a white bathroom lends a beautifully minimal edge.  

 Change up your layout 

Abandon the living room formula- put a loveseat in the kitchen if that’s where you like to hang out or stick your dining table in the conservatory if there’s more space in there. Never be afraid to try something different. 

Change the way you move and think about your home. If you like a cosy space, try sectioning a room with a bookcase in the middle. Or, if light and minimal is more your style, open it up by placing your sofa slap bang in the middle of the room 

Let your furniture reflect how you live, and you might find yourself loving it in new ways. 

Display your prized possessions 

Heirlooms, memorabilia, awards, figurines, your kid’s lego creations- put it on display! Anything that makes you smile or reminds you of something or someone you love deserves to be on show. If it’s part of your life, it’s part of you! So, don’t even think about design, and display things around you that make you smile.   

Mix & Match 

Old and new light and dark, beauty can often be found in contrast, so don’t be afraid of pairing unexpected things. Bring life to hand-me down furniture with some stylish chairs or offset a formal space with a ridiculous ornament– there’s nothing wrong with not taking yourself too seriously. 

Explore the possibility of textures too. Velvet and metal make for a beautiful contrast, as does a wool rug on a wooden floor. Play around with pairings and you might discover something incredible along the way. 

Whatever you do, do it for you  

Don’t make design about impressing everyone else- what matters is that you love the space you’re in.  

So, abandon convention and do what makes you happy 

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