10 Tips for the best summer BBQ party

The sun’s out and it’s time to kickstart the great British summer with a classic barbeque. 

Here’s some simple advice to help you have everything covered for an unforgettable summer get-together. 

Get your food ready before your guests arrive 

Prepare as much as you can beforehand. Snacks, side dishes and drinks will keep guests happy from the get-go! 

Have coal starters hot and ready in the BBQ, so when it’s time to grill, you’ll have no problem bringing the barbeque to life. 

Don’t forget to chop your salads in advance too, that’ll help with this next tip. 

Create a toppings station 

Set a table aside for a self-serve toppings station and place it just out of the way of the barbeque to avoid a crowd.  

Have all kind of sauces, veg and salad on-hand for the perfect burger, and don’t forget the cheese!  

Go eco-friendly  

Paper plates seem like the straightforward option, but did you know spoiled card and paper can’t be recycled?  

Instead, go biodegradable! Made from natural materials like bamboo and dried leaves, organic plates and cutlery make for a cheap and eco-friendly part solution, plus a nice talking point.  

After the party you can just throw your used cutlery in the compost!  

Keep your beverages cool 

Cool drinks are a must-have on a hot day! Prepare an ice bucket for your bottles and cans, and keep it chilled for longer by placing ice packs at the bottom.  

Get fancy with a cocktail station for Pimm’s, Aperol spritz and mojitos. Some sliced fruit on the side will really hit the sweet spot.  

Make sure there are plenty of refreshing non-alcoholic options too and keep chilled water on hand. 

Add slices of cucumber and lemon to make your water extra refreshing. 

Upgrade your garden furniture 

Deckchairs are a British staple, and warmer summers bring plenty of stylish outdoor furniture to choose from! Throw some cushions on your chairs or lounger to bring cosiness outdoors. 

For big garden parties, make sure plenty of seating is available. A dining bench or two will do the job quite nicely. Just pop themoutside for the event to provide a perch for several to squeeze.  

A little decoration goes a long way 

Make your foldaway tables and garden furniture a little more attractive with some tablecloths. They’ll help keep your furniture clean, too! 

A little outdoor lighting really helps set the mood. String lights with their own battery pack will last more than the whole evening and they look gorgeous draped across trees or fences  

Make it veggie and vegan friendly! 

Veggie BBQ adds flavour and flair to your day- plus it means anyone can come along!  

Grilled aubergine and corn on the cob, with a little glaze is an absolute delight. Change it up with some halloumi, pepper, and mushroom skewers. They make an unforgettable treat especially with some spicy sauce! 

Keep the kids entertained 

Involve everyone young and old with some outdoor games! Wooden skittles, a giant Jenga or twister guarantees a fun afternoon. 

Prepare for the unpredictable British weather 

We all know how the weather in England can take a turn- so be prepared with table a marquee or a large parasol.  

Plus, even if it doesn’t rain, this provides some much-needed shelter from the sun. 

Now you’re all set to fire up the grill and make the most of the summertime with an unforgettable barbeque party. 


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